So you’re thinking of moving yourself or your senior loved one into a retirement home in Vernon, now what? Once you’ve decided on the retirement community, it’s important to think about when you would like to move. At Silver Springs, we find residents love moving in during summer! Here are 3 reasons why summer is the best time to move into a retirement home in Vernon.

Weather & Light

No one likes moving boxes in the pouring rain or snow! Moving into a retirement home during the summer months reduces the chances of you moving in poor weather. The days are also longer in the summer, giving you more daylight to move your items in. Moving in the dark can create a risk of tripping and injury. 

Family & Friends Availability

Typically in summer, people have more flexibility with their work schedule, allowing your friends and family greater opportunities to help you move into retirement living in Vernon. When school is out, many students get summer jobs with moving companies, increasing the availability that moving companies will have to serve you.

Best Time to Meet Residents

Our favourite reason why the best time to move into senior housing in the summer is because the social life is so vibrant! Summertime at Silver Springs is filled with fun events and activities for our residents to attend. Between happy hours, outdoor outings, games nights, and themed events, you are sure to make many new friends quickly. 

While anytime and every month is a great time to move into Silver Springs, moving during the summertime poses many great benefits. We hope to see you begin your retirement living in Vernon at Silver Springs this summer.

If you’re looking for a VRS seniors retirement community that offers a fulfilling community, we are here for you. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have. Call 250.545.3351 to arrange a tour at one of VRS’ warm and friendly independent seniors communities.