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Quality Service

Enjoy newly renovated, functionally-designed suites, available in a variety of floor plans and styles to suit your personal preferences. Your private suite features outdoor space (such as a balcony or garden area), as well as in-suite air conditioning. Safety features within the suite include emergency response pendants and grab bars. Your monthly rental also includes three daily meals, recreational programs and activities, and utilities.

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Newly Renovated

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Ensuite Bathrooms

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Phone, Cable and Internet

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Outdoor Space

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Personal Air Conditioning

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Wheelchair Accessible

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Complimentary Laundry Rooms

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Great Location

Choose your floorplan

Floorplan A: 1 Bedroom

Floorplan B: 1 Bedroom

Floorplan C: Large Studio

Floorplan D: Medium Studio

Floorplan E: Small Studio


Thank you, staff, for all your care
The extra burden that you bare
So we are well, you keep us apart
For this god bless you, from our heart

Manager, Office workers, Entertainment co-ordinator, Cooks, Kitchen helpers
Food servers, Housekeepers, Janitor, Care aids, Maintenance, Vancouver Resource Society

And if there are some I don’t recall
Please know, we do appreciate them all